Eye-Popping Comedy Magic With a Russian Twist


Looking to make your event shimmer and sparkle? An evening with Boris brings you jaw-dropingly good entertainment for your occasion.


Witness The Impossible.

"How the hell did he do that?"

- Model Sophie Anderton

Sure-fire laughter.

"Creative, clever, intuitive and really, really funny!"

- Jodie Cook, JC Social Media


Join the whoopee

"Boris interacts with almost every member of the audience, creating a real sense of comradery"

- Pieter Colpaert, Theatre Critic


A complete package guaranteed to leave your audience blown away and wanting more.


Book today. We know where you live. He he he.

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So, exactly who IS this "Boris" guy after all?

Normally you won't hear a former spy say this, but "Follow Me!"


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