Who Is

Boris is the creation of Joe Ridgely -- actor, comedian and magician. After acting as a Russian character Joe was inspired to create a comedy ex-KGB personality. After his first public performance as "Boris Nicoli," Joe was awarded the prestigious Pete McCahon Outstanding Award for Comedy.

Excellent...you discovered something unique with your mind reading.

- David Berlas, International Man of Mystery

He's the one who will enthusiastically help you to avoid a drab (dare we say....East German) kind of night. He'll make your event sparkle!
He's always reliable, always funny, and offers:
• A seasoned trusted performance for special occasions, corporate events, theaters and festivals because he's been doing it since 2008 -- and has never missed a show.
• Hilarious audience participation.
• A show that uses little-known secrets you will never forget.
• Plus, as an event professional he can offer you help to make sure your special occasion really stands out!!

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